How important is strenght training for weightlifting?

This article is based on my subjective view, not on scientific researches.

Since weightlifting is a sport that requires a high level of strength the question of the importancy is unnecessary.  The purpose of strenght training is not only to make you look better naked, but it will also make you strong. Therefore you can use strenght training to start your preperation, to gain an advantage in comparison to your competitors or to correct muscular dysbalances. Even with an already ongoing preperation is strenght training never a bad idea.

You finished your training faster as expected?

Train the antagonists from your often used muscles like the abdominal muscles and harmstrings.

Just in the last, hot phase right before a competition, I slow down on my strength training. Better focus on your regeneration and if you have done all your homework right, you are already strong and can go to the sauna or to your physiotherapist instead.

What about strength training in case of an injury?

In case of an injury, the training has to be adapted to a certain injury. The training with machines is not as efficient as regular weightlifting training, still is it a good way to maintain training. Furthermore, you can use mandatory breaks to work on your weaknesses. That is also a reason why a lot of professional athletes come back stronger after an injury. Think about it.

I have got quite a good inside view on „ strength training in combination with an injury“

I just came back from an injury. Diagnosis edema on my pubic bone. Since it was clear that I needed to take a longer mandatory break, I had a good build-up training plan already in hand. Better said I had three different strength plans which were compatible with each other.

Plan #1

included the rehabilitation training which took place at the olympic base in Heidelberg. A lot of stabilisation exercises and training on the ISO MED machines. The main focus remained on my muscular dysbalances and the strengthening of my small muscles.

Plan #2

was made by my personal coach and adressed my weak spots, (which probably even led to my injury in the first place) so as a light training for my adductors

Plan #3

was created my home trainer, and was mainly to gain strength. Bench press, bench pulls, pull ups with weight and dips. Like a real body builder.

All over I trained many different exercises with different performance instructions and different weights. That gave me the opportunity to enter the preperation for the world championships with a good strenght level.

Max Lang






Weightlifter, Instagramer and future coach