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First and foremost, none of us needs a new year to set goals. The moment you discover a weakness a desire a goal, is the moment you begin the endeavours. And luckily it is legal to set goals outside of New Year’s.

Specifically, there are two things I don’t like about “New Year’s Resolutions” (most of the time).

First, people already realising the things they want, the things they want to accomplish, yet needing a new year in the first place, and postponing the start. It is like saying you’re going to start eating reasonably starting next week, and till then you shovel garbage into your body. Start the moment you realise you want it, and work yourself gradually into it.

Second, the common pass or fail approach. If you have just started weightlifting and your goal is to put 200kg over your head in 2019, fine, radical approaches suit radical goals, beware though, there’s more than black and white to it. However with realistic goals, I will think to myself, how far have I gotten, how many new things I have learned along the way, has my technique gotten better, or has the work for this goal improved the quality of other things in my life. If I achieve the goal, great, but what are all the good things I have picked up along the way.

Now let’s think goal setting. It is just like a New Year’s Resolution, but even better suited to guide your endeavours. Because let’s face it, nothing worth having comes easy, what we put into it is what we get. We also don’t have to overcomplicate it.

We are here and the goal is there, if everything in between were perfect, we’d already be there. The stuff in between is where the achievements happen.

Here a Practical Example: I want to squat more overhead

  • Mission: OverHead Squat like a Boss
  • Current State: BackSquat good, FrontSquat good, Core good, ShoulderBlades hold well, Forearms and Grip … I could hang on ropes like a monkey
  • What’s lacking: Lat activation and strength, Chest activation, Biceps-Triceps coordination

You can already see where extra focus and effort is required.

  • Gameplan: separate exercises in two categories activation and strength, find about 3-5 for each and keep the eyes open for more. From there one, incorporate them into your training, start by activating so you can feel it better, an overview and feedback are key, then move on to strengthening. Be patient and work smart, it will take time, but the reward will be sweet heavens.
  • Bonus: Improving all these things, will improve much more than just the OverHead Squat, the movements we do are a elegant symphony of the entire body. Here  are a few things that will also improve if I will stick to the plan: Snatch, BenchPress, PullUps, RopeClimbs, HandstandWalk, Thrusters, and Oh! Wait!!! Jerks.

How cool is that!  Setting a goal and working on it can reward you with more than just the goal. By the way guys … this applies to more than just training, work character and skills transfer well in life.

And even if you’re not quite there yet, not quite at the goal you’ve set, quality work gives you quality rewards all along the way. Take what you get, take successes and take failures, there’s something to learn in both of them.

See something you want, grab it by the bones, and be smart about it. Hard smart work is fun.

I like to use New Year’s to look back, look at all the things that happened, asses the work I have done and remind myself of how I want to move onwards.

I sincerely wish every one of you passion to desire, and a lot of good mood to work for your goals, goals you can set any day at any time. Just remember, don’t set them too low, be reasonable, and there are many good things to be gathered along the way.


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