Men’s NIKE Romaleos 3 – grey/blue/dark-grey

The Men’s NIKE Romaleos 3 is now also available in our shop. After five years NIKE released the successor of the Romaleos 2 – the Romaleos 3. This shoe is not only used in classic weightlifting. Through its light design it is also suitable for crossfit workouts.

The Nike Romaleos 3 has been specifically designed for heavy lifting

Compared to the Romaleos 2 it is more than 90 grams lighter and the front of the shoe has been constructed even more flexible. Especially if you are a light athlete, you will notice the increased flexibility when performing competition exercises.

Increased stability for more strength:

The upper surface is made of breathable, synthetic material and ensures optimal support. Additionally the honeycomb TPU plate in the midsole and the nylon midfoot strap provide stability and dynamic lockdown. Elastic material on the inside optimally supports your feet when jerking.

Its thermoplastic wedge embedded in the heel supports your feet when lifting heavy without any compression. This innovation replaces the usual wooden wedge which has been used since 1960. Hereby its innovative design revolutionizes the art of weightlifting. Style and fashion find their way into your workout. “Be Part of fit. Just do it! “

You want to hear an Olympic weightlifter’s opinion on the Romaleos models? Read Max Lang’s review: Romaleos 2 vs. Romaleos 3

Max’s Review NIKE Romaleos 2 vs. Romaleos 3

You are still unsure which size to order? Hopefully our size chart below can help you. Bonus: The Nike Romaleos 3 come with two insoles: one for training and one for competitions.

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Size chart Men’s Nike Romaleos 3

Tipp: Romaleos shoe sizes are the same as your usual Nike shoe size.