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Summer break, shoe change, and jumps

Most of all weightlifters doing a summer break right now, hopefully, they are doing a lot of build up and athletic training, to prepare themself for all the major competitions in autumn. Summer break for a weightlifter means in first place, to bring diversity into their training habit and therfore building up a good base for their specific training within the preperation time for competitions.
In every sport is the right shoe to fit the needs of the athlete and compliment their training. Football shoes have studs, sprint shoes have spikes and so on. Within weightlifting, there are special shoes as well, they offer stability and through their heel sole and make the deep squat easier.
But which shoe is suitable for athletic and strenght sessions, so as functional training?
Jumps and sprints with weightlifting shoes are no fun, therfore it is recommended to get yourself a shoe that fits all the needs of the athletic training. Athletic training for weightlifters is diversified and varying so the shoe needs to be that as well and withhold different strain intensities.

A Shoe which is concepted for this, is the right choice. To run, lift, sprint and jump there has to be a good balance between stability and flexibility. Especially at the toes and the heel, the fabric has to be very durable and stable. In comparisson to a running shoe, the traing shoe shouldnt be so damping like the running one. The optimal power transmission is way better with a shoe without too much damping. The sole has to be stable and give the athlete enough support, but still be more flexible than the weightlifting shoe one. The Ankles should be free to move and there is no need for support.
A breathable top layer that adjust the foot is good.
Different manufactors took on the challenge to invent and design a shoe, which would match all the requirements. The NIKE Metcon is light enough to run and sprint, flexible enough to jump and do gymnastics and end of the day it is stable enough for barbell and strenght training. Let’s say an allrounder. Take of your lifters from time to time and get inspired by our „athletic training for weightlifter series“, when you train versatile it will improve you weightlifting as well.

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