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VmaxPro Intro – Technical progress within weightlifting

Weightlifting is a technical very demanding sport. Just a little fault while starting of the ground can cause the barbell, to drift off the ideal route and lead to an invalid lift. A too slow speed or a loss of speed in the different phases of the pull are significant for a valid or invalid lift.

It is mainly the task of the trainer to recognize and point out the faults of an athlete and give him advices to improve the performance.
But even a good trainer can’t indicate every fault, just because he can’t measure the speed neither can can he recognize every phase of the lift.
Often it is the case that a trainer can’t look after just one athlete or the athlete has to train alone from time to time. To improve this issue and progress scientifical with the training, technial messurement systems found their way into weightlifting.
Trough the detailed analysis of the movement speed so as the way of the barbel, the athlete gets a visual feedback of his lifts and therfore it gets easier to implement instructions.

The VmaxPro offers a real time analysis system which can be used everyday for training.

A small sensor gets attached to the grip area of the bar and CONNECTED VIA BLUETOOTH with an IOS Device so as an IPhone or IPad.
The App can be downloaded for free and saves all kind of measured values and parameters. The VmaxPro was not only designed for the regular competition exercises of weightlifting, much more is it possible to measure every exercise performed with a barbel. Therefore it is suitable for every athlete who trains with a barbel.
The VmaxPro gets not only used in the weightlifting community, even other sports so as Powerlifting, Bobsleigh and Handball alredy tested the system. The olympic base in Saxony-Anhalt is the cooperation partner of VmaxPro and use it to imrove the quality of the strenght training for their competitive sports athletes.


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The VmaxPro is a real time analysis system which monitors the concentic phases of the motion within the exercise and determines a variety af movement parameters.

The athlete gets those informations immediate on their device, so that he can implement the given technical instructions right on the next lift. The analysis of the technique is based on the way of the bar, which gets displayed in 2D and 3D. The speed- and acceleration process, so as the average and maximum speed are measured values the system captures and presents. The App saves all captured data and makes it easy to document the improvement in various exercises. The VmaxPro is easy to use, there is no big build up or difficult analysis like with other measurement systems. The data is immediate available after every repetition and offers a fast feedback while training.
The VmaxPro can be used by a trainer for a performance diagnostic and analysis, but it is also great to use while training alone. Because all the data gets saved, it is possible to show it, after a not supervised training session, to a trainer. But it should be kept in mind that a basic knowledge of the parameters and acceleration speed is necessary to train effectively with the VmaxPro.
For the next couple of weeks we will use the VmaxPro while training and we will share all the information towards the technique analysis and training control trough the gained measured values ond parameters.
Almir Velagic is a three times Olympia contestant, sport soldier and the owner of a Crossfit Box in Manheim. He will test the VmaxPro for his own training and the training of his Crossfit-athletes.
Oliver Caruso is bronze Mediallist at the Olympic games, former National Trainer and owner oft he „Kraft-Werk-Schwarzach“ a training center for competitive and regular weightlifting. So as Crossfit and regular fitness training. He is going to test the VmaxPro on his young athletes, from the trainers point of view.

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